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Romantic Breaks in the New Forest


Listen up guys, women adore romantic breaks. Just the very notion that her man is willing to make the effort and investment to spend time together puts women in a very generous mood.

Some people reckon that we get from life what we are prepared to put in and the same principle applies in affairs of the heart. If things are feeling a little habitual and mundane make a few changes, introduce a surprise weekend break in the New Forest to liven things up. It will surprise you how invigorated and joyous you will feel after a day out exploring in the New Forest, the pleasure of meeting friendly ponies, of stumbling across the tall Redwoods and Douglas Firs that tower over every other tree in the forest, of watching riders canter past on horseback. All of these new experiences stimulate the mind and imagination sweeping away boredom.

Good experiences together during the day sets the scene for good conversation and extra delights in the evening. Take a look at a self-catering cottage or lodge to rent for a break in the New Forest and invest in satisfaction.


cottages to rent in the New Forest for self-catering breaks

go for afternoon tea in one of the quaint new forest tea shopsPretty thatched cottages in the New Forest

Thatched cottages and quaint period cottages have a certain charm that stops us in our tracks and demands that we stare and take in the scene before us. It is almost as if we are transported back in history.

There are a few thatched cottages scattered about the New Forest that appeal to our sense of nostalgia. Some can be rented for self-catering breaks.


A tea shop crawl through the New Forest

The days of pub crawls may be over now that increasing numbers of people are drinking at home and perhaps being replaced by the tea shop crawl. There is such a number of very good tea shops in the New Forest serving mouth watering dishes that it is almost a justifiable reason for a self-catering break. Rent a New Forest log cabin or cottage and visit a new town or village each day to relish a different lunch in a different tea shop each day. The quality of the food is superb and leaves the diner with that feeling of having encountered something very special.

Incorporate lovely lunches into your romantic break and add another layer of pleasure to your holiday in Hampshire's New Forest.




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