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New Forest Self catering Cottages with a BBQ


Having an in-built BBQ whilst on a New Forest self-catering holiday is a brilliant feature during the warmer months of the year or even on a cold day when the bright sun is out. Sizzling sausages, delicious burgers, marinated chicken or anything else you can think of can be cooked within the grounds of your holiday cottage on a fixed BBQ in the garden. The smouldering smells should be enough to entice you to book a New Forest cottage with a BBQ, and there are plenty of them available with this feature.

There are countless things to do on a New Forest Holiday, from rambling through the countryside to exploring nearby sandy beaches, but of course, enjoying tasty food will always be near the top of holiday makers’ lists. From pub lunches serving lovely roasts to dining at suave restaurants in the evenings, it is great to have the option to stay at the cottage and entertain the family or friends with a simple and succulent BBQ.

Self-catering holidays needn’t mean cooking up the usual monotonous meals in the kitchen, and embracing the wonderful outdoors of the New Forest whilst preparing and enjoying your own food is a wonderful way to turn a routine meal into a little lunchtime event, with music, sun and friends. Unleash your inner Jamie Oliver and have a look at our wonderful selection of self-catering cottages with a BBQ.


self-catering cottages with babecues bbq in the new forest area

New Forest self catering cottages with a barbecuePlaces in the New Forest for a BBQ

If your New Forest cottage does not happen to come with a fixed BBQ, then there are a couple of sites where you can hire one for the day, one of them being Wilverley Plain. With its sprawling and wide green lawn, it is an ideal location for a BBQ.

Another great site is Anderwood, and is perfect on hotter days as the area is within a shady, leafy area in the woodlands. It makes a lovely site for a BBQ with sounds of the birds and other wildlife all around.


Lazy family barbecues

Holidays in the New Forest contain the perfect blend of exciting activities and blissful relaxation, and the beautiful surroundings make it a great place for a cottage break. There are countless things to do and having a BBQ in the garden of your New Forest Cottage is the perfect way to feed the family and enjoy your holiday at the same time.




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