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New Forest Self catering cottages that sleep 4 people on holidays


There are plenty of self-catering cottages in the New Forest that are able to accommodate 4 people. Ideally, four people require two or three bedrooms depending on the bed arrangements.

There are 2 bedroom cottages in the New Forest villages which some people find convenient because of the local amenities; shops, pubs, restaurants, post office etc.

Alternatively, there are cottages and lodges to rent in secluded rural areas where wildlife will be plentiful and you have a good chance of watching animals come into your garden.

The cottage lined road on the left is of Beaulieu, a really pretty village on the south east side of the New Forest.


cottages to rent in the New Forest for self-catering breaks

spot ponies by the roadside in the new forestThings to take with you on your holiday in the New Forest

Good walking shoes are a must. Even if you plan to sightsee rather than trek through woodland, comfortable shoes are essential to keep you smiling.

Take a small backpack with a mobile phone in case of emergencies, some water to drink and a map or portable GPS.


Where to stay?

The New Forest is easily traversed by car so unless you have something specific that you plan to do for days, such as angling at Hatchet Pond, you could rent a cottage virtually anywhere as long as you have transport.

People who plan to arrive by train may wish to be more particular about where they stay. Ideally, your cottage for 4 people should be relatively near the railway station. Bicycles can be hired for getting around or use the local buses.




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