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New Forest Cottages to rent for self-catering breaks


It is all well and good having a day out in the New Forest, but one is very limited in what can be seen and done during the scope of a few hours. Even a simple walk and picnic can take up most of the day. There is so much to be seen and so many activities to participate in that it make sense to rent a cottage for a week or short break and make the most of the forest.

We all have different interests and needs on holiday, some like to just walk and will go prepared with maps and compass, others like to wander around taking photographs for their local camera club or personal hobby.

The area is very popular with cyclists, there are constant streams of them on the roads and several places for cycle hire. Cyclists are requested to keep to the way-marked gravel paths and the roads only to avoid distrurbing the animals.

Would it not be lovely to wake up, have breakfast in your New Forest holiday home and be straight out into the New Forest without worrying about getting back for a certain time or avoiding traffic on the road?

Click on the following button to view a list of country cottages and self-catering holiday homes that are convenient for the New Forest.

cottages to rent in the New Forest for self-catering breaks

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Self-catering cottages around the New Forest are fully equipped with all the crockery, cutlery and pans that you might need to cook meals, make sandwiches and look after your family on holiday.

The ability to store wine and beer for the evening, to have everything at hand for food preparation makes a holiday less expensive than a hotel.

Breakfast is an easy meal to prepare, especially if you normally have cereal or toast. Pack a picnic lunch and that just leaves an evening meal. If you do not feel like bothering with cooking, there are New Forest pubs and restaurants that would be delighted to serve you.


A stay in a New Forest village or in a rural cottage or budget accommodation?

Several factors are part of the decision making process when booking accommodation. Much of it depends on the type of group involved. A couple might opt for the convenience of a B&B or hotel although some prefer to self-cater because they want that extra privacy, the food that they are used to and the spaciousness of a suite of rooms. The other factor is cost. We would all like to rent a luxurious cottage in Hampshire and the New Forest if we could afford it so it comes down to budget and what people are willing to pay. There are some very well off people who prefer to pay as little as possible irrespective, or may opt to stay in a cheap motel a distance away from the New Forest to save money. Fortunately, there is something to satisfy everyone and if you opt for a cheap holiday, you cannot complain about the quality.




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