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Staying in a self-catering apartment or cottage in a New Forest town has its benefits, shops and restaurants virtually on the doorstep, the added interest of a little shopping, drinks at local pubs and just that bit of activity in the evenings as a diversion. Self-caterers tend to fall into two camps, those who prefer to stay in town where they can catch buses and talk to people, and those who love nothing more than seclusion in a rural idyll.

The New Forest is not that big, so that even if people stay in a country cottage hidden down a narrow lane, the nearest town will never be more than about 5-10 minutes drive away.

Pensioners who have given up driving and rely on their bus passes often seek the security and support of village life. Whatever your preferences regarding a cottage in a village or in the country, there will be comfortable self-catering accommodation in the New Forest to choose from by clicking the pink button.


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The nice thing about a self-catering holiday is that you purchase the food that you plan to eat back at your holiday cottage. There are some good shops and farmer's markets in the New Forest that provide the best food that the county can offer. Eat like a king during your holiday, tasting regional produce.

Small independent bakeries still exist in certain New Forest villages. Just the sight of scrumptious cakes and that scent of fresh bread is enough to persuade some holidaymakers where they would like to stay.


The villages and towns of the New Forest

It is a good idea to obtain a few recommendations about villages and towns in the New Forest before you come on holiday or book self-catering accommodation.




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