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Hurry, book that cottage in the New Forest soon

The New Forest is England's oldest national park and it contains small villages and hamlets where people live. A road network allows for access through the forest and all around is woodland and heath. The ponies, that the New Forest area is famous for, are contained by a system of cattle grids and fencing in suitable places. It is an expanse of natural countryside that is managed for residents and holidaymakers alike. There are secluded cottages to be found in small leafy lanes but mostly, the accommodation is in villages and towns. If you book a holiday cottage at the last minute, don't be concerned, the New Forest if fairly compact and where you stay will still give you access to most parts quite easily. A lot of people hire bicycles and cycle around exploring the forest at a slower pace. If that is not to your liking, then use the car to drive to the various villages and attractions. Parking can be difficult during high season.

Romantic New Forest Holiday

The New Forest is superb for a romantic break, even if it is last minute. Walking in woodland, accidentally coming across groups of ponies or the statuesque redwoods is a memorable moment - something that would be magic for a romantically joined couple. Stop to eat at one of the numerous tea shops or cafes in the towns and villages, or if you rent a holiday home, take food back to prepare together in the kitchen or barbecue in the garden.

last minute new forest cottages

Don't worry too much about the planning - just do it

If like me, the path you walk upon is carefully planned right down to the last stone, you probably cannot remember how excited you were as a child to face something completely unfamiliar to you. We are often loaded with so much responsibility that we choose to play it safe rather than throw caution to the wind and do something completely out of the blue. What harm would it do to check in with your feelings every now and then to see what they would benefit from? When you operate from your feelings rather than your thoughts, you tune into your soul, allowing it to talk to you without the conscious mind interrupting, analysing the pros and cons and likely putting you off anything which might bring you joy. Be brave and just go ahead and book that New Forest holiday.

A holiday in the New Forest makes you focus on other things

The more you listen to your feelings, the easier and happier life will become. Fears and doubts will slowly fade away and you will start to trust your inner self. So… if you ‘feel’ that you would benefit from a holiday, why not book one now? Do not stop to think about it for your conscious mind is a great influencer and will talk you out of it in seconds. The New Forest is a lovely place to visit anytime of the year and there are plenty of last minute holiday cottages to choose from.  You will find that your mond begins to concentrate on your holiday destination. Strike whilst the iron is hot and when you return, you will see people in a different light. You will notice how they are shackled to their limiting, fixed ideas. Your fears and anxieties are the only emotions that stop you from enjoying life…so go book that cottage now, go with your feelings and magical things will happen in the New Forest.

magical new forest encounters

Make the most of a holiday in the New Forest

You may not be aware but your brain is recording everything that happens to you, every meeting, every disagreement, experience, decision. All this information is pieced together like a jigsaw so as you can see the bigger picture, this is presented as a feeling. When you listen to your feelings you are lead to those places which will benefit you. Listen to those waves of direction which start off quite subtle and then rise in intensity until you are in no doubt as to what they are saying. When you go with them, instead of suppressing them you give your body exactly what it is ‘shouting out’ for. Those feelings will never fully go away. They will always peak and trough until you acknowledge them. It is their job to keep telling you what you need so they will keep surfacing until you listen. Feelings can be wonderful or downright hurtful but the best way to free yourself from them is to go through them. Think of all those beautiful paintings of quaint little chocolate box cottages that you could cosy up in and after your holiday, you will have images of stunning scenery, woodland encounters with wildlife, strange fungi, incredible tall trees and interesting people you meet.

meet people in a New Forest pub

The New Forest is best in the spring, summer and autumn - but you have to be quick

During the quiet season, you can have a wonderful few days away at a very affordable price. Even during the busy season, you could pick up a last- minute bargain. Look out for advertisements which offer discounts on last minute bookings and don’t just limit yourself to weekends, many cottages can be secured during midweek too. Quite often, a mid-week break means that you get four night for the price of three.

forest walks clear the mind

Fill your mind with the beauty of the forest

The New Forest is the perfect place to let go and find that peace and tranquillity you yearn for. The only problem you will have is finding the words to express such beauty. Even the most gifted of artists could never capture its ‘true’ magnificence on canvas. It must be viewed with the eyes and felt with the heart and the soul…all those vivid shades of green which turn to yellow and then to gold, slowly transcending into orange and then to scarlet and purple. Listen to the sounds of water rushing against the rocks, heading somewhere with such strong determination, the refreshing wind blowing through the trees, so invigorating, clearing the mind. The birds, the animals, the sounds of the forest, so much life all in one place…it is so easy to breath…so tranquil, a sanctuary which has everything you need!

new forest beauty

Yes, people who act on their feelings tend to be happier than those who over analyse every minor detail. Some people are so analytical, they even wrestle with simple decisions such as what to buy for lunch. Those who constantly weigh up the advantages and disadvantages are imprisoned by a vicious cycle of insecurity and self-doubt which could lead to obsessive compulsive behaviour and even depression.

When was the last time you experienced the satisfaction derived from doing something that would benefit you?  If images of somewhere beautiful and peaceful keep entering your mind, why not book a last- minute cottage in the New Forest? If it feels good, do it!

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