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The countryside is an amazing place to be; it feels good to be surrounded by greenery and trees. We are not all tree huggers but they make our surroundings attractive, softening any hard earth and buildings.

book a country cottage for a holiday in the new forest

Much of the charm of the New Forest and similar rural areas is the blend of nature, wildlife, wild flowers, villages and people. It is the entire mix that delivers that enjoyable holiday experience. The New Forest would not be the same without its wild ponies and wide open spaces. We love the pink heather, the small villages dotted about, the holidaymakers cycling through the forest.

New Forest country breaksThere is always something interesting to grab our attention; it could be an unusual plant, an unexpected folly or the sight of people fishing by a peaceful lake. Our minds record the images and register pleasure at such sights.

Anyone who loves the countryside naturally makes every effort to spend a lot of time in national parks and rural areas. The best way of spending leisure time in the countryside is to rent a self-catering cottage. Some offer wonderful views from the windows and gardens. At least with a stay in the country, one is on the spot to enjoy the walks and surroundings.

All sorts of Country Cottages to rent for holidays

There are all sorts of rural cottages, small thatched two up, two down, former agricultural workers cottages, large spacious farmhouses and even country manors. Some of the holiday accommodation available is luxurious, some simple, it all depends on budget.

Outdoor activities during your country cottage break

It's the outdoor activities available in the country that help create pleasurable memories. Often, when arriving at our holiday destination, we quickly find out what there is to do and places to visit.

More often than not, there are riding stables in rural areas which give holidaymakers the chance to learn or just the joy of pony trekking in the countryside down bridleways and traffic free country lanes.

Depending on area, there may be canoeing, aerial adventures in the trees or bicycle hire for families.

Other outdoor pursuits that people may enjoy in the countryside are painting, come prepared with your easel and art kit to get sketching and painting. Most artists would also take a number of photographs of a scene at intervals to capture it in different lights because they would remind them when applying the finishing touches back home after the holiday has ended.




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